A sheet of self-adhesive paper is the result of an advanced technology. The typical self-adhesive construction consist of:  and each of these elements has specific  characteristics to meet the most demanding applications.

  • Face
  • Adhesive Coating
  • Silicone Coating
  • Release Paper


The face is the surface that is to be printed: it requires versatility, aesthetic features and hi-quality standard. Stic-on offers wide variety from which to choose according to the type and quality of the printing as well as the labels intended end use.

Adhesive Coating

The performance and success of the final product is largely determined by the quality of the adhesive coating which has the greatest technical content.

Stic-on Adhesive Range

Permanent: Universal adhesive suitable for general labeling applications.

Semi-permanent: It’s removable for a short period of time, before becoming permanent, It’s desirable if the label is misapplied and must be removed and reapplied correctly.

Removable:Good short and long term removability. Low ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces without damages of residues.

Super tack: High initial tack, strong ultimate adhesion. To be used when extremely strong adhesion is required.

No Label Look: Excellent adhesion, very good transparency and ageing resistance.

Silicone coating:

The Silicone Coating is a 100% Solids Technology offering consistent release values, and is fully compatible with most solvent, emulsion and hot melt adhesive systems.

Release Paper:

The Release Paper is designed to protect and maintain the freshness and adhesive quality of the adhesive, before and after the printing. The backing also provides support for the face giving stability during printing and finishing stages.


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